Blogging Mondays Premier

Welcome the the very first Operation Code Blogging Mondays event for September 2017.

In an effort to help people get motivated about writing blog posts, Blogging Mondays was created. Each month, there will be a different host and a different topic.

To participate:

  • To participate, write a blog post!
  • Although recommended, the post does not have to be on topic.
  • Please set article to go live the day of the event, preferably, at 0000 hours
  • Blog post should mention Blogging Mondays
  • There should be a link back to the invitation post
  • Somehow add your post to a list somewhere so the host can add you to the event summary
  • Don’t forget to post your article link in #blogging

This months Topic is “Why I joined Operation Code”

I feel that this is a easy topic for us to start off with. It is also something that we all should (better not) have any issues coming up with something to write.

Some possible ideas:

  • What did you expect from OC?
  • What do you love about OC?
  • Why you joined?

Remember that this is for fun and you do NOT have to wite about the topic if you do not want to.

It will be exciting to read all of the posts after they are done!!

Let’s start blogging!

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