Tech recruiters; do we really need them?

OK, this post is for me to vent my anger at tech recruiters.  Last year, I removed my LinkedIn account as I was sick of getting bombarded by recruiters.  It is part of the business that we are lucky enough to be in; higher demand than supply.  I do not have an issue with the polite recruiters that at least take the time to send an email that does not look cut and pasted and the job is at least related to abilities.

Now, when I get the Dear (candidate) ... that pisses me off.  Or if I get a job offer for something completely not related to my abilities as listed on LinkedIn, that annoys me.  I have received the same job listing as many as three times from the same recruiter.  At that point I know that you are a lazy ass human and I will not deal with you and your blanket tech marketing.  I have gotten the same email from the same recruiter every day for almost 2 weeks straight.  No means no but that doesn't remove me from your hit list.

Recruiters get paid to place us.  That is their job.  Some will embellish or make shit up to get you to go to work somewhere.  That has happened to me and I am sure many others.

Today, I got in a disagreement with a recruiter because I "was asking too much money!"  What?  You are just a recruiter.  You don't determine my value.  I gave up trying to justify my asking and that I was by no means going to take any less than my asking and hung up on her.  I got a couple of calls from the company that I was applying to a few hours later and ignored them.  I basically screwed myself out of a good position because I don't want to deal with that recruiter anymore and I thought that I was clear on that.  She missed out on a pretty good commission.

So, how many of you have had good luck with recruiters?  I do not think I will deal with them anymore.

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