Improving my developer workflow

From time to time, I look around the web to see what there are for new tools or add-ons to improve my workflow as a developer.  Last night I found two really awesome things!!!!

I am a big fan of HAML, SASS and trying to get on the CoffeeScript bandwagon ...  That being said, I work on legacy applications and find myself converting HTML to HAML and CSS to SASS.  There are some great free sites out there they will do these conversions.  Then I found Rails Magic Clipboard package for Sublime Text.  From their site:

Sublime text plugin to convert CSS, HTML or JavaScript in the clipboard to SASS, CoffeeScript or HAML on your screen

What? Seriously??  This kicks ass.  I now can copy a HTML page, change the page to .haml and paste the same code in as HAML code!!  Kudos to @nmdowse !!

The next thing is just an app for your Mac.  One way to improve your workflow is to use shortcuts.  Alias's or keyboard shortcuts or whatever.  Enter CheatSheet. It is easy to install, now I can just go to one of my applications (like Sublime Text), hold down the CMD key and boom!  A popup of the main shortcuts available.  No need for 50 different cheat sheets now!!

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